About Us

My name is Nima London, I started NimsGoldenBagya because I saw the need for a healthy appetizer for you. I’ve worked hard to develop traditional recipes with high-quality ingredients to deliver the very best food I can to you. You will find our product is made out of fresh ingredients and is a tasty snack or side dish the whole family can enjoy.

NimsGoldenBagya sells high-quality Bagya, a traditional Djiboutian dish that serves as a nutritious and hardy treat. Bagya is a falafel-like food that can add a dash of flavour to any meal or snacktime. Our dipping sauce is what makes our Bagya unique, since we make it from my mother’s secret recipe. The Bagya is the national dish of Djibouti and a go-to snack I think Ottawa will learn to love and enjoy. It’s a birthright for any Djiboutian that I want to share with Canada.


People are turning to organic, and environmentally conscious alternatives. The goal is to have a quality controlled purely organic snack on the go, that way you can feel good on the inside. To reach that goal, we use sustainable packaging, and our menu is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Djibouti is a small multiethnic nation located in the Horn of Africa region, with a population of over 1 Million inhabitants, the smallest in mainland Africa but it’s also located near some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes controlling access to the Red Sea.